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Do you struggle with...

Not knowing where to start?

Feeling bored with the same workouts?

Finding a positive and inspiring, no judgement community?

?Always feeling tired and lethargic

Lacking confidence and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin?

You do have the power to make a change.
This does
NOT have to be your story!

You Will Transform Your

Mind and Your Body


Bodied Bootcamp has expert Certified Trainers and Classes designed to be effective and YOU-focused.  You will also experience a uniquely challenging, dynamic, and high-energy environment to help you tone and sculpt your body while also gaining strength and confidence.

Bodied Bootcamp Is RESULTS. Period.

Workouts Designed

With YOU In Mind


Multiple Classes

Flexible Class Times

Health Coaching 




Discover What Healthy and Fit Is For You
Through Our Bootcamp Sessions

Getting in shape or getting back on track is not always easy, but it is always rewarding if you’re willing to show up for yourself.   At Bodied Bootcamp, we offer Bootcamp training sessions in the form of the TrainLikeLiv Signature Bootcamps.


These sessions are designed to challenge your mind and body in a high-energy environment. You’ll sweat, grit your teeth, put your muscles to the test, and have fun with other members as you work your way toward a better state of healthy living!  Bodied Bootcamp workouts will help you to become more fit, develop mindful eating habits, and you will increase in strength and confidence whether you are a beginner or ready for a new challenge!  

See what our amazing members are doing...


"Let's Get It!"

Montgomery, OH 45242
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