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Squat Workout

Classes Designed For All Fitness Levels
Modifications Available


In our STRENGTH classes we've created a dynamic and empowering fitness experience designed to strengthen your body from head to toe.  Challenge your limits as you engage in a variety of exercises targeting major muscle groups.  
STRENGTH goes beyond traditional weightlifting...instead we incorporate equipment and bodyweight exercises to enhance your overall strength with energizing music and a motivating atmosphere.  You'll find the motivation to push yourself further and achieve your fitness goals.


ENDURANCE is a high-energy fitness session designed to help you elevate your heart health and lung capacity as well as push yourself to your next level. This class is tailored for those seeking a powerful and invigorating endurance workout.  A fun blend of cardio exercises, interval training, and specialized techniques to boost your heart rate.  Embrace your journey to a fitter, more resilient you. You will have greater stamina, increased energy, and enjoy a stronger, more enduring self.


SCULPT is a class crafted to help you achieve a lean and sculpted body through a combination of strength training and muscle-toning movements.  You'll experience a workout that specifically targets key muscle groups, utilizing a variety of resistance training techniques and dynamic movements. This class also features a mix of traditional strength exercises and innovative sculpting workouts, creating a comprehensive and engaging workout. With expert guidance you'll experience an effective  tailored sculpting session and will leave feeling accomplished!


POWER is dedicated to you cultivating a healthier, more powerful body. Your skilled trainers will guide you through each movement, ensuring proper form and technique tailored to all fitness levels. We integrate a blend of total body exercises, strength training, and functional movement. Each class brings you closer to a stronger, more vibrant, and empowered version of yourself.  


Elevate Your Life
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