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Meet the Owner

Olivia James (Liv)

Bodied Bootcamp Owner/Founder

Liv started Bodied Bootcamp by initially offering pop up classes in various public parks.  When her classes became increasingly popular she began sub-leasing space inside of other gyms and then moved Bodied Bootcamp to it's official home in Montgomery, OH. 


Liv is known for her exuberant style of training which incorporates various techniques including: motivational mindset training, mindful eating, and self awareness.  Classes consist of strength training, body weight exercises, high intensity interval training, sprinting, stretching, and calisthenics.  What her members love is that workouts are designed for all fitness levels.  Her clients not only see RESULTS but also feel the RESULTS!


Liv enjoys instructing workouts that are always different while at the same time keeping exercise fun and exciting.  Her classes have a non-judgmental vibe and the trainers meet you where you are.  Liv is extremely passionate about inspiring individuals and has a sincere love of helping others be the best version of themselves every single day!

It’s one thing to talk the talk of living a healthy lifestyle but it’s a whole other thing to actually walk the walk and carry out the actions that make a person great, on a day to day basis. This is something Liv takes great pride and humility in-which is what has made Bodied Bootcamp an empowering and inspiring community of like-minded individuals.


"Let's Get It!"

Montgomery, OH 45242
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